Keep your home safe!

Know when doors and windows are open.



This Bee is particularly useful for security reasons. Attach it to things that can be opened and closed. Place it in your doors and windows and get an alert when they’re opened if you’re not home.


*Product Design might vary

 Maybe your kids are back from school, or you have a house guest while you’re at work, or your roomate forgot to close the window; you can now monitor your home from anywere by getting alerts directly on your mobile Webee app.

Put the open/close sensor in cabinets and drawers to keep important items safe! Use this bee to increase your home security base on your needs.

  • Power supply: AAAA x 2 battery
  • Protocol: Zigbee home automation 1.2
  • IAS Zone notification 
  • Reports the ambient temperature every 5 minutes