Just Plug and Play!

Making your home smart, have never been so easy.



You can turn ANY electrical appliance into smart by simply plugging this smart plug to increase efficiency, turn them on and off; and monitor and control its energy consumption from anywhere. 

*Product design might vary.

The Plugee is a Plug and Play Smart Plug adapter. By simply plugging this device users can increase efficiency, contrl and monitor energy consumption from anywhere.

Users can also  interrupt the electrical supply if the Smart Plug detects high temperature in the environment. If it’s plugged into a lamp, it can detect the lumens in the environment and turn on when it gets dark.  

With the Dimmer version, you can also dim the lights of the lamps you plug. 


  • Plug and Play Technology, no setup needed. 

  • Manage appliance remotely through Smartphone or tablet. 

  • Intensity control for foot lamps with incandescent bulbs. 

  • Active, reactive and apparent power measurement .


  • Supply voltage range: 110 ~ 220 VAC / 50 ~ 60 Hz 

  • Maximum load power: 2200W @ 220V - 1600W @ 110V 

  • Communication: Wireless Zigbee(IEEE 802.15.4) mesh network 

  • Indoor range: 150 feets 


Zigbee home automation 1.2 


  • Dimming functionality. 

  • OnOff functionality. 

  • Reports current level, on off and power consumption every status change. 

  • Reports power consumption every 5 minutes