How to Add sensors to Smartee

Fri, 07/22/2016 - 13:47 -


To add the Smart Thermostat to Smartee follow these simple steps:

1- Tap on "Search & Add Devices" on your Webee App.

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2- On the thermostat, *enter programming mode and navigate to menu option 12, press HOLD to enter the “Join Network” menu, press (+) to display “01”, then press HOLD again to begin searching for an open network.
3- The thermostat should now pair with your Smartee ZigBee network.

If the Smarte Thermostat does not automatically join the network:

1- *Enter Programming Mode, navigate to Menu ID “17”, press HOLD.

2- Navigate to option “11”, then press HOLD again. The device will then factory reset itself and begin looking for an open network to join.

3- Tap on "Add Device" on your Webee App for the thermostat to join Smartee.

Additional considerations:

  • Make sure that the Smart Thermostat's batteries are charged.
  • Ensure it is within range of a Smartee (30-90 feet indoor)

*To enter programming mode: Press the MODE button until “off” is displayed. Then swipe one finger down the right slider while holding the empty space between the HOLD and FAN buttons. The display will change to “01” to indicate that you are in programming mode.