How to add the Smart Switch to Smartee?

Fri, 07/22/2016 - 15:24 - pia day


To add the Smart Switch to Smartee follow these simple steps:

1- Tap on "Search & Add Devices" on your Webee App.

TV Dashboard - Add Device Mobile App- Add Device Web Desktop App Add Device

2- If the LED on the switch is blinking it means that is searching for a network to join. If the switch is within range of Smartee ZigBee network (30-90 feet indoor) it will automatically join the network.

3- If the LED is not blinking, press and hold the top button for two seconds. The LED should start blinking and scanning for a network to join.

If the Smart Switch does not automatically join the network:

1- Disconnect power by pulling out the airgap switch.

2- While pushing the top button, power the switch on by pushing in the airgap switch.

3- After 2 seconds the status LED will turn ON.

4- Once the status LED is ON, release the button.

5- Tap on "Search & Add Devices" on your Webee App for the Smart Switch to join the Smartee network.

Additional considerations:

  • Verify that the switch is *wired properly and powered up. 
  • The LED's should light up on the faceplate: Tap the button to turn the light ON/OFF. Push and Hold the button to Dim the light.

*For wiring instructions check Smart Switch On/Off or Smart Switch Dimmer manual.