Frequently Asked Questions

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Do the smart devices work on EU electricity (220/230V and 50Hz)?

*Most of Webee smart devices works with an international switching power supply capable of 100v - 240v 50/60Hz.

For those designed specifically for each region, make sure to select the one... Read more

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Does the Smartee has a remote control?

Yes, the Smartee includes a remote control with 2 functions: First, an IR interface to use the buttons of the remote; second, it will come with a USB dongle to connect it to the Smartee and... Read more

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How does Webee play music?

You can play music through MyWebee app or straight from the Smartee, as well as play online music through any Android app from Google Play. Also you can use the remote control for controlling the... Read more

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How do you automate an appliance that’s not smart with a Switchee?

The Switchee needs to be wall mounted, where your power outlet is. It has the same features as a Plugee, but it's wall mounted.  The Switchee will allow you to control the energy usage of the... Read more

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Can I use a Bee to close/open blinds?

For controlling curtains and blinds, we don't have a Bee out of the box at the moment.

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Can I control my regular thermostat?

You can control non-smart thermostat with the Plugee or Switchee (for on-off).

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How do you automate an appliance that’s not smart?

For example, for a dishwasher that's not smart, you can attach the Plugee or the Switchee (the latter is wall mounted). This will allow you to handle the on/off part, while also monitoring the... Read more

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How does the Smartee make my TV smart?

Smartee is also a Smart TV box, which means that by plugging it into the TV's HDMI, you are transforming it into a Smart TV. It also has 2 usb ports and an SD card slot. You could now enjoy all... Read more

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Can I customize the user interface?

Yes you can group your devices by room, by function, by favorites. You can also customize your devices and rooms with pictures to easily identify them! 

In addition you can create... Read more

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Can “MyWebee” App handle multiple users for the same Space?

Yes, it’s super simple! Each person need to have the App on their mobile device. Then, the “owner” of the Space will grant permissions to other users. That way, several people can have access to... Read more

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