Frequently Asked Questions

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Is there a way to access the app via a browser, non-mobile?

Yes, access for the desktop version!

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Will the Webee Android app accept voice commands?

We have working prototypes in Voice Recognition (Spanish & English only), but those prototypes are in Alpha version.

Follow us on ... Read more

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Does the app run on Android or IOS?

The app runs on both Android and IOS. IOS version is available on the App Store. The Android version in already available at... Read more

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Is the App “MyWebee” free?

Yes! You can download the App for free from Google Play Store and... Read more

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Where are my devices stored, locally or in some cloud?

Your devices are stored in the hub, Smartee (locally) and in the cloud if you allow this feature when setting up your Smartee.

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Does the phone app talk to Smartee on the local network when you are at home or always through the Webee cloud?

When you're inside your home, the mobile app talks to the Smartee through your local network (through upnp, specifically speaking) and when you're outside the range of the local network, it does... Read more

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Will Webee work with other products?

Our philosophy is to integrate the Smartee with the most renowned third party hardware in the world. Our *hub is a bridge between HDMI-USB-Wifi-Zigbee-ZWave-Bluetooth devices; that means that it... Read more

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Does Smartee communicate with the Z-Wave devices directly or a Z-Wave controller (vera lite for example) must be connected as middle hub for controlling Z-Wave devices?

Yes, Smartee communicates with the ZWave devices directly. Actually, it also communicates with Zigbee and Wifi operated devices! You can find the supported devices... Read more

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There are different ZWave frequencies outside the US. Does Webee work with all of them?

On our online store you will be able to select between the available Smartees with the frequencies for each region.

-For USA, 908.4 MHz.

- For European Union, 868.4 MHz.

- For... Read more

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Will Webee work with Wifi?

Yes. Smartee is compatible with smart object that connect through Wifi. Check... Read more

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