Frequently Asked Questions

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What’s the range of the Smartee?

The Smartee combines two powerful mesh networking technologies that allow a direct range of up to 150-300ft that can vary according to different factors, mainly environmental. After that direct... Read more

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Will Smartee read SD cards, USB drives?

Yes, absolutely! Smartee can read SD cards and all types of USB hard drives, so you can enjoy of all the contents of your mobile devices, cameras, laptop on your Smart TV (if your TV wasn’t smart... Read more

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What are Scenes?

Scenes are a sequence of personalized actions and rules that your Smartee execute automatically in a given period (as long as you desire).

They are very useful to automate your home with... Read more

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How many Smartee and Bees should I get?

Only one Smartee is needed to get your home or office started. Bees should be added depending on your type of space and the functions you want to automate. You can get as many Bees as you’d like... Read more

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How many objects can the Smartee support?

Smartee is built in a powerfull ARM Cortex A9 Microprocessor and is capable of holding a large amount of smart daily objects, many more than enough!


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Why are they called “Learning Spaces”?

Every action that you perform on your smart daily objects is stored and converted into metrics to learn how you, particularly, live your life. That way, MyWebee App will be able to suggest more... Read more

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What are Bees?

A Bee is a Plug and Play simple device that will turn your object into a smart object in case you don’t currently own some. For example, our Lightee  will give you the ability to control your... Read more

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How will Webee work if I don’t have smart objects?

We developed small low cost devices called Bees, with different functions to turn your daily objects into smart! Most of them are Plug and Play, so you just get a Bee, plug it in, and be smart!... Read more

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I have smart objects, will Webee work?

Yes! Webee is compatible with 3rd party devices. Check our list of integrated devices here.

 ... Read more

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How easy is the setup?

It’s super easy! You simply download the Webee app from App Store, or Google Play Store. Plug in the hub Smartee to a power supply and to your TV using an HDMI cable. Connect your... Read more

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